Our milestones in pediatric drugs

Becoming a leader in designing and selling pediatric drugs

Advicenne was founded in 2007 by experienced industrial scientists and initially developed thanks to “Business Angels” who were won over and convinced by Advicenne’s Business Model. In 2010 Advicenne filed its first 3 patents for an innovative formulation for the treatment of a hereditary orphan disease. In 2011 Advicenne carried out a second funding round for more than €5 million by InnoBio investment funds managed by CDC Entreprises in which iXO Private Equity, the most important French regional independent fund, participates, and private investors. These funds made the performance of the first clinical trials possible. During 2013, Advicenne has concluded its two first in-licensing agreements for anti-epileptic products. Advicenne’s portfolio continued to strengthen with 5 products in clinical development/registration phase and 3 products in R&D. A third funding round has been carried out towards current investors.

2014 has seen important steps forward for Advicenne :

Becoming a leader in the market of pediatric drugs

ADVICENNE’s ambition is to become one of the leading pediatric pharmaceutical companies for the treatment of chronic incapacitating and/or neglected diseases in the fields of the central nervous system and childhood renal diseases.