Luc-André Granier, Medical director and Co-Founder of Advicenne

Dear shareholder,

Advicenne is a late-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of pediatric-friendly therapeutics for the treatment of orphan renal and neurological diseases.

We design innovative products targeting unmet medical needs which are adapted to all ages of life. Our commitment to scientific innovation and medical excellence, in terms of efficiency, safety and administration, is at the heart of our approach; because a child is not a miniature adult.

Our lead product, ADV7103, has shown positive results in a pivotal phase III study in children and adults with distal Renal Tubular Acidosis (dRTA). These positive results will enable us to submit the application file for marketing authorization in Europe in 2018. We are confident that ADV7103 has the potential to become a reference medicine and the first approved treatment for the treatment of dRTA. We are also committed to advance the clinical development of ADV7103 by opening a pivotal Phase II/III trial in the United States for this indication.

dRTA is an orphan disease that affects approximately 30,000 people in Europe and 20,000 people in the United States.

Advicenne is also developing ADV7103 in a second renal indication, Cystinuria, a genetic nephrological disease for which the Company plans to initiate a phase II/III study in Europe in 2018.

Through the successful completion of our IPO on Euronext Paris in December 2017 we have entered a new phase of our development. The funds raised during our IPO have given us the means to continue the clinical development of our products, and in particular to pursue the clinical development of our lead product in the United States and preparing the commercial launch in Europe for dRTA in 2018.

We thank you for your support and are delighted to associate you with the developments of our company!

Dr. Luc-André Granier