Pipeline (neurology, nephrology)

Innovative pediatric products in neurology and nephrology

Pediatric products

Portfolio of products under development

For the majority of these products Advicenne will use the PUMA or ORPHAN centralized European procedures.


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Focus on ADV6209 ADV6209 is an innovative liquid formulation of a benzodiazepine specifically developed for oral administration for moderate sedation and anesthetic premedication. The pharmaco-kinetics and acceptability of ADV6209 were validated in two clinical studies (Phase I and Phase II/III) on children between 6 months and 17 years. This project is developed in collaboration with the CHU (University Hospital) in Amiens.
Focus on ADV7103 ADV7103 is an innovative formulation in the form of micro-tablets for renal tubulopathies. ADV7103 presents a triple advantage: (i) of being tasteless and easy to administer orally in young children, (ii) of reducing gastric side effects and (iii) of only requiring 2 doses per day for 24-hour efficacy.